5 features that every villa should have

Looking for a spectacular villa in Hvar to rent out this summer? We understand that due the current situation with COVID-19, guests are looking for privacy and peace of mind – somewhere where they can feel safe away from home and at the same time have an exciting and fulfilling holiday. 

So, what are the features that every villa should have for a wonderful holiday? Take a look below at the list our team drafted up.

Ready for a dip in the pool?

When the temperature soars to roasting, a swimming pool in the back yard of your thoughtfully designed villa is an invaluable luxury for cooling off. There is nothing better than relaxing in a pool on a hot summer day. This is precisely why one of the first features that guests look for when renting out a villa is the pool. Even though Hvar is an island that is surrounded by natural beauties of all sorts, especially known for its clear azure sea, guests tend to often embrace the best of both worlds.

Design matters!

Mediterranean, contemporary, rustic are just some of the types of villas our agency has available for guests. Creative interior design is key if you would like to have inviting spaces that you, your family and friends will love spending time in. Textures, colors and shapes are all significant factors that please the eye – tastefully designed, from the kitchen to the master suite. Feel free to browse through our offer and see what design suits you and your family best 🙂

Location, location, location!

Villas that blend in easily with their natural surroundings, some offering exceptional views of the sea, while some of the city, will sweep you off your feet. Our guests have the possibility to choose from a range of different villas at different locations. Our offer includes sea-front villas, villas in the city, in rural areas as well as secluded hilltop villages. Villas that combine a peaceful atmosphere for restful holidays are perfect for families with children or a group of friends! 

Maintenance & Services

Maintenance is one of the most important factors for a luxury villa. Even some of the most beautiful and well-designed villas when unmaintained can crumble to pieces. Some of the services that we provide in our agency for the most luxurious villas in our portfolio are concierge services, transfer services and 24/7 contact with our team. Prior to your arrival, please contact us for additional arrangements you may wish to book!

Outdoor patio

This is one of the features that we believe is specific to the environment we live in. Island Hvar is abundant in lavish greenery and breathtaking landscapes. Our villas are located in prime locations with large outdoor spaces that offer mesmerizing views of the sea, city and nature. We are certain that because of this feature, our guests can experience authentic Hvar vibes.