Top 5 places to visit on Paklinski Islands

When you arrive to Hvar island, we are sure you will be blown away by its beauty, but just wait till you visit Hvar’s famous archipelago.

The Paklinski or Pakleni Islands are a group of 16 islands and islets located off the coast of Hvar in Croatia. The literal translation of Pakleni is hells’ islands, however the Pakleni islands are named after “paklina”, a type of pine resin used in shipbuilding since, historically, these islands were a primary source of the tar used to coat ships. They are a natural protected nature reserve and are located just a short speedboat ride away from the city center of Hvar. It is easy to see why this lovely necklace of little islands that surrounds the town of Hvar is so special. Some of the reasons are its untouched nature and beaches, luscious blue-green waters, and amazing sea life.

Now let us guide you for the perfect trip to Paklinski islands.

1. Jerolim

With untouched rocky shores, Jerolim, together with Pokonji Dol is the closest islet to Hvar city. It is a fantastic excursion site and is adorned a number of world tourist magazines. On the north and south side are two mesmerizing pebble beaches – so take your pick! The beach on the west side of the island provides is a haven for couples. Visitors have an opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic offer at a restaurant which also offers the perfect relaxation spot. 

2. Mlini Beach

Located on island Marinkovac, Mlini beach is the ideal place to enjoy with friends and family. Mlini is a sheltered bay with a pebble beach, clear sea and an open-air restaurant. Moreover, it is a very popular place for snorkeling and exploring wonderful marine life.

Photo: Tourist Board Hvar

3. Palmižana

Located on island Sveti Klement, the largest of the Paklinski Islands, Palmižana hosts one of the most popular nautical marinas in this area. The bay of Vinogradišće is located on the southern side and is encircled with a dense pine tree forest, with numerous restaurants and caffes. One of the more popular places to visit is The Meneghello Art Gallery, which is a place of tranquility and inspiration! The Meneghello Collection includes a cross-section of contemporary Croatian creativity in the fine arts and showcases the best of Palmižana through various artists’ eyes. Since 1906 the Meneghello Family has been devoted to creating a paradise of cultural tourism on Palmižana.

4. Ždrilca Bay

The beach is located on the west side of the island Marinkovac, near the town in Ždrilac bay, where there are several very well-known restaurants very popular among visitors from all over the world, including some top celebrities too that visited the area. The bay also has its own docking for boats for easy accessibility. 

5. Perna Beach 

Located in the Perna bay, on island Sveti Klement, Perna beach is an oasis of pure bliss! Sandy beaches in Croatia are in general difficult to find and Paklinski island archipelago boosts one of their very own! It might be small in size, but its beauty makes up for it. The sand is truly white and silky smooth! Often visited just by private sailboats, it is frequently empty – making it even better for complete enjoyment! This bay is perfect for those wanting to experience stunning scenery accompanied by crystal clear sea minus the crowd. 

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