Why is Hvar a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts

Are you thinking about visiting the beautiful Croatian island of Hvar? Are you wondering if Hvar is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts? Do you wonder what sport activities you can practice on Hvar and why is this Mediterranean place perfect for training? 

Hvar is a beautiful Croatian island located near Split, and is interesting because of its many natural and cultural sights. For instance, you can find the oldest theatre in the world in Hvar; you can explore the caves where people lived a few thousand years ago; and you can also enjoy the walks in the aromatic lavender fields. But if you are more of a person who likes sports activities, then you should try the following on this island: 

Running through the aromatic lavender fields 

Hvar is an island that many recognize about the beautiful landscape and many ‘hidden’ pristine beaches. Because of the numerous well arranged running routes and trails, Hvar is the right place for people who like to run. Imagine running beside the sea, listening to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, while the mild morning sun shines on the sea and the lavender fields, orchards and beautiful forests which lay right in front of you – the feeling is priceless.  

Riding your bike through interesting bicycle trails 

Hvar is one of the largest islands in Croatia, so there are plenty of different cycling trails on it. Thanks to its structure, riding bicycles in Hvar can be enjoyed not only to those who love coastal rides, but also to those who like mountain biking. There are also refreshments at each step so if you get hungry or thirsty you can taste top-quality local specialties or have a good quality Croatian wine. That is one more reason why Hvar is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts.  

Swimming in the crystal clear sea 

You can find many secluded beaches on Hvar on which you can enjoy in peace and quiet in the surrounding nature on the island. The variety of different beaches allows you to find the perfect one for you and every swimming enthusiast can find an ideal place for themselves. 

When on top of all this we add the crystal clean and quality water, Hvar is definitely the right destination for all swimming enthusiasts.  

Diving and exploring the underwater world 

The Croatian underwater world is rich in plants and animals and that guarantees that you will enjoy diving and exploring underwater on our coast. The exploration of sea depths is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, and we promise you that you are going to absolutely love this activity in Hvar. The opportunity to try this amazing underwater activity is a one more reason Hvar is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts. 


If you are into extreme sports and activities, then you will definitely love the fact that you can try and enjoy skydiving in Hvar. Needless to say that from the air you can take a look at Hvar in a more complete and spectacular way you can imagine and skydiving will allow you to do so. You do not have to have any experience with skydiving, it is simply enough to come to Hvar and enjoy it.  

Sailing in the beautiful sea 

One more reason why Hvar is a fantastic place for sports enthusiasts is the fact that this island along with the other nearby islands ais known as one of the favourite destinations of yachtsmen. As the number of yachtsmen and sailors increases year after year, visiting Hvar is a great opportunity to enjoy sailing. In addition to sailing, there are also some less extreme variants of driving on the water – kayaking or SUP.



In the end the only thing we can add is that the island of Hvar is definitely a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts of all kinds because of all the reasons mentioned above In addition to the standard sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and others, you can also enjoy some other extreme activities on this island. Only a small part of these activities are listed in this article, and for the rest you will have to come to Hvar and explore it yourself.