Top 5 Reasons to Book a Villa this Summer in Hvar

This year is the best year to book a luxury villa in Hvar. There are numerous options available for you across the entire island. Choose from villas in secluded inland villages such as Vrbanj or Pitve, from Robinson type villas in Zastražišće to villas steps away from the sea or with magnificent views of the cities of Hvar and Stari Grad. 

Here are some of the top 5 reasons why our team recommends booking a luxury villa in Hvar this summer, from cost savings to health considerations.

1. Privacy

At this moment in time, privacy is the no. 1 consideratiour group of friends or family that you are traveling with. Most of the villas on island Hvar are equipped with different facilities that enable you to enjoy a care-free holiday abroad. You can easily avoid large crowds, in contrast of what you will see in hotels, where all public spaces such as buffet, pools, gym are shared.

2. Feeling like at home

The only way you will feel like you are actually home, but away from home is when you rent a villa. It allows you to spend quality time with you family minus your usual busy work schedules, tasks and household chore list among many other things. It is a fantastic opportunity to change scenery, yet again spend an amazing holiday with your family with constantly keeping that “home like” feeling.

3. Generally cheaper!

Yes! You’ve heard it. Renting out a villa in Hvar tends to be generally cheaper than booking a hotel room or suite in Hvar. When you look at the prices per person and consider all the facilities and opportunities you have for yourself, your family or a group of friends – it is well worth the choice! You can rent out a luxury seafront villa with a private swimming pool for as little as 60 euros per person per night in high season! Think about the money you can also save by cooking at home without the obligatory eating out!

4. Extra services

When renting a luxury villa on island Hvar through us, our professional team is here to organize any additional transfers or activities you may want! We can offer you private and safe transfers via one of our vans or private speedboat transfers too. If you are interested in exploring island Hvar in a fun and private way, we can organize this as well. Choose from a variety of bike tours, wine tours and tailor-made tours across the island that will enable you to experience island Hvar fully and without any worry.

5. Personalized stay

When booking a luxury villa, you have an opportunity to book according to your specific needs. Many of our villas have amazing facilities such as private swimming pools, sunbeds, infinity pools, gyms, saunas, luxurious kitchens and unique architecture. In other words, you can find a villa suitable to your every need. Moreover, you can also seek villas that are located on different parts of island Hvar. Some are seafront villas, some are located in small secluded villages, while some are closer to the city centers of Hvar, Stari Grad, or Jelsa. 

If you would like to book your stay in one of our villas for season 2020, you can contact us directly here.