Hvar is the island of Wine

For many that may not know, Hvar is an island in Croatia known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, including its vineyards and renowned wineries. The island’s wine-making tradition dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans when they first settled on the island around 384 BC in Stari Grad plain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At that time wine was considered a valuable commodity and the tradition of wine making has been passed down centuries. The local wine industry on the island has grown significantly in recent years and has become an attraction for many foreigners who visit the island.

The island is known to be one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean, with more than 2800 sunny hours per year. It has a Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters, which make it the ideal place for vineyards to strive. Moreover, its dynamic landscape allows some of the most sensational ways of vine planting, best could be seen in Sveta Nedjelja on the south side of the island. There, vines are planted on steep rocky terrain, making harvest more difficult than usual, however it is definitely a sight worth seeing.

Some of the most notable wineries on Hvar include:

Tomić Winery: One of the most notable wineries in Hvar, located in Jelsa, Tomić wines are known very well locally and internationally. This winery is known for producing premium quality red wines from indigenous grape varieties such as Plavac Mali. Plavac Mali is one of the most respected red grape varieties and famous in Croatia. It is grown mostly in Dalmatia, since it is warmer and there are more sunny hours throughout the year. This grape variety demands higher altitudes facing the sea, with direct exposure to sunlight. It is the cousin of popular Zinfandel, famous California wine. Plavac Mali is best paired with red meats because of its strong and almost rustic taste. 

Duboković: This also well-known modern winery located at the entrance of the city of Jelsa specializes in high-quality, orange wines made from local varieties such as Bogdanuša and Pošip. Bogdanuša is a white wine sort that originated in the Stari Grad Plain also known as Ager, a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site. If translated directly from Croatian to English, it means a gift from God. Its light golden color and fresh taste make it a lovely wine to drink by itself or mix with others. The grapes from Bogdanuša are also used to make Prošek, a sweet dessert wine in combination with other grape varieties. Pošip is a full-bodied white wine that was brought from Hvar from neighboring island Korčula. It is dry in nature and has a distinctive fruity taste and straw-golden color.

Hora: Enjoy wine tasting in the middle of the Stari Grad plain at a family-owned working farm producing a variety of three different wines; rose, red and white, all from autochthone wine varieties Plavac Mali, Bogdanuša and Pošip. Among these delicious wines, in the heart of Hora, guests can also enjoy local olive oil, homemade brandy, lavender scented products and many other home grown vegetables. 


Visitors to Hvar can experience the local wine culture by visiting these wineries and family-owned farm and sample their products, often paired with local food specialties. Wine tours and tastings can be arranged through us directly. 

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