7 Best Dishes from the Island of Hvar

When we travel we love to try different types of traditional dishes. There are so many different flavors that we would never dream of trying unless we travel to different countries. There is always something different and new to try and the possibilities are truly endless. That is why a holiday on island Hvar will also expand your culinary boundaries! 

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure of good food? Explore Hvar’s tastiest traditional delicacies and unique flavors that will highlight your holiday. 


Cooked fish anyone? Yes, that’s right. This traditional dish is mainly associated with island Hvar, but in the recent years it has also become a staple among the rest of Dalmatia and along the Adriatic. Making Gregada is really easy when it comes to preparation. The two main ingredients are fresh white fish and peeled potatoes. For flavor you can also add parsley, garlic and onion. 

The stew is usually made with fish types such as conger, grouper or monkfish, but you can also use different types of fish depending on what is offered. Many tend to cook with smaller white fish, guaranteeing that the fish and stew tends to be “sweeter”.

Dalmatian Peka

One of the first dishes that comes to mind is the Peka! A definite must-try when visiting Hvar island and one of the top gastronomic offers for foodies. Peka is a baked dish with meat and vegetables made in a pot. White wine is added too, either beforehand or during preparation. The pot is put into the embers of a fireplace and covered by a bell-like shape. The best thing about the Peka is that you can prepare it with any type of meat or even octopus – which we highly recommend. In restaurants, you usually need to order in advance in order to give the restaurant staff time to prepare the fireplace. 


This tasty beef dish will surely entice your senses. It is best served with homemade gnocchi. Its preparation is meticulous, but surely worth it in the end. The beef is stuffed with bacon, carrot and garlic and then soaked in wine or homemade vinegar marinade. The beef needs to be held in the marinade at least overnight, sometimes two days, if turned once in a while. You then cook it on a light fire for 2-3 hours with the rest of the vegetables that are mashed together once cooked. 


An easy and tasty dessert to make with not too many ingredients in mind. It is a simple mix of butter biscuits, cream, sugar and milk and you are done. It consists of several different layers, with a biscuit bottom and soft and fluffy egg-white dumplings, with chocolate sprinkled on the top.


This traditional dessert is wide spread across the Adriatic, however very popular on island Hvar. The Rožata can be best compared as a mix between custard and crème brulee, however it is much more fluffier and lighter. It has a sweet like taste that is a perfect dessert to wrap up your tasty Mediterranean dinner. Its main ingredients are eggs, sugar and milk. The mix is then slowly baked in a bain-marie because of its delicacy. Then, it is topped with honey caramel syrup before being served.

Pećica na Tećicu 

This is an ancient island dessert that’s a true classic to Hvar. Young goat cheese is fried on caramelized sugar or heated honey with a splash of milk added. It is a specific desert and is best served alone. We highly recommend this delectable dish that will surely spice up your taste buds! 

Hvar Paprenjak

Hvar’s famous papernjak is a must-try-and-buy! These typical cookies are often brought back home by tourists and are considered the perfect Hvar souvenir. These traditional gingerbread cookies are best enjoyed with Dalmatian dessert wine. They are considered a symbol of the island and made in many different shapes and decorated with sugar icing.